Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Keen Readers website is now live

She's up! Did you hear the sound of the champagne bottle hitting her bow? The site is She just went live this week. My co-founder Tony Dirksen (a Seattle friend who just returned from his honeymoon) and I are very proud of her. We hope you'll find this website for parents of reluctant readers useful.
The site is not just for parents, however. Anyone fourth grade and up can participate in the youth writing contest. Each month, a winner receives an autographed book.Youths can also check out the book reviews, links and author interview.
Youths who have been reading buddies (read to a younger child, or been read to as a younger child) should write and tell us about their experience (400 to 700 words) -- another chance to win an autographed book! And if you've never been a reading buddy but would like to try it, please refer your favorite teacher, librarian, parent, community center director, religious institution leader, etc. to the site's section on how to start or find a reading buddy program.
Fellow authors, check out our Author Hero program. Send us an autographed book and we list you on a page that links directly to your website. The books will go to reading buddy programs all across North America that are in need of books.
Finally, if you run a reading buddy program, write and tell us about it. We may feature you, and we may donate books to your program.
I'll make this blog entry short, because Tony and I feel that the site speaks for itself. Go check it out:!

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