Thursday, November 8, 2012

Marine life update for our intrepid book reviewer Stacey

Two blogs ago -- the one with the blue dolphin leaping above it -- I mentioned that one of our book reviewers, Stacey Matson, works with marine wildlife when she isn't writing book reviews for Keen Readers or working on her own novel. Well, strike that dolphin, because she just sent me an update: She is, in fact, working at an aquarium in Vancouver, BC, Canada as an interpreter, delivering public programs and family programs about marine life. There's a lot to learn, but she has definitely become a penguin, sea lion and otter expert in the last few months, and she tells me that she looks pretty good dressed up as a rapping penguin too! She's also volunteering with an organization dedicated to kids' literacy. The Writers' Exchange is helping to get inner-city kids excited about literacy through mentoring programs and creative writing projects. (You can check out their website here:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another KR book giveaway!

My favorite part of running Keen Readers is giving away boxes of books to needy school libraries every few months. This month, we sent a big box (I know because I personally carried it to the post office) to Welland, Ontario, Canada. And here's the nice letter we got back today:
 Hi Pam:

I just wanted to say thanks so much for the box of books that arrived at our school yesterday!  The students here at Fitch Street are always popping in to the library wondering if any new books have been added to our collection.  I have already catalogued the books and put them on display!  We are very grateful for the donation which will be enjoyed by the many avid readers here at Fitch Street.  Thanks again!

Lisa Teal 
Fitch Street Public School
Welland, ON L3C 4V5